Duoreader makes it easy to read bilingual texts by matching the translations sentence-by-sentence. Quickly go between the texts in two languages as you advance your language mastery.

In addition to learning languages, you get to experience the beauty of the originals, and appreciate the efforts of translators.

Duoreader supports languages including Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Russian and the list keeps growing.

The app also provides a read-aloud feature, you can choose different accents and reading speeds, as supported by your device.

Books on the shelf includes "The Little Prince", "Pride and Prejudice", "A Tale of Two Cities", "Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea", "Alice in Wonderland", "Around the Earth in Eighty Days", "1984", "Animal Farm", "Gulliver's Travels", "Oliver Twist" and other works.

A growing list of modern articles are also made available. You can now read multi-lingual stories published by the United Nations. Give it a try!

The contents are provided free and ads-free.

See a comparison of bilingual text readers, and why we think Duoreader is unique.