Bilingual Parallel Text Reading Options


Duoreader is built to improve the experience of parallel text reading. It has lots of unique features, such as:

Duoreader is truly cross platform, we support Android, iOS and Web
Sentence Alignment
Sentence alignment is one of Duoreader’s key features. We use latest AI advancements to align each language pairs, so that you can view texts with the language you are most familiar with.
We use the speech synthesis coming with your system to produce audio. Thanks to the advancement of modern Text-to-Speech technology, you can get decent voices with the accent of your choice in most platforms (Windows, Android, iOS).
Content Type
Currently, Duoreader has many classic books, and multi-lingual articles from UN-FAO.
Language Supported
English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese

Free Alternatives

While Duoreader is continuously adding more features and supporting more languages, you may find the alternatives also helpful for your particular needs.

If there are features you see in the alternatives that you really want to have in Duoreader, please leave a review in the app store.

Read Chinese Online (RCO)

Platform: Web
Content Type: Short Articles
Language Supported: Chinese, English
Alignment: Sentence

Read Chinese Online (RCO) features a few Chinese articles with English translation.

The presentation is quite similar to Duoreader, but includes contextualized dictionary and Pinyin.

It has limited amount of articles available, but for the ones available, the tool is great tool for Chinese learners.


Platform: Web
Content Type: 5 classic books
Alignment: Paragraph

Bilinguis is a bilingual parallel text website with 5 classic books in lots of languages. Audio is available for some languages.

In Duoreader, you can find most of the books in Bilinguis, aligned to sentence level.


Platform: Web
Content Type: books and novels
Alignment: Paragraph

LinguaBooster has a rich collection of books and articles and supports multiple languages. Some of the books are aligned to paragraph. It has a built-in dictionary support.

In Duoreader, you can find many books from LinguaBooster, aligned to sentence level.

Parallel Texts Reader

Platform: Android, iOS
Content Type: Books
Alignment: Paragraph

Parallel Texts Reader is a free app for bilingual reading. It also supports several Eastern European languages.

It doesn’t align to sentences, and one has to tap to view translation. The UI is arguably a bit outdated.


Platform: Web
Content Type: Bilingual Magazine for Advanced Learners
Languages: English, Spanish
Alignment: Paragraph

DualTEXTs features lots of magazine articles. It doesn’t do sentence alignment or provide dictionary.


Platform: Web
Content Type: Stories
Languages: Many languages to English

lonweb has an old looking UI but decent content.


Platform: Web
Languages: en,fr,es
Alignment: Sentence

Learn-Spanish-With-Bilingual-Stories presents stories side-by-side in English, French and Spanish.

There are notes below texts, and sentence alignment is presented using colors.


Platform: Web
Content Type: Classics in Public Domain

FarkasTranslations has manually verified parallel texts in multiple European languages (English, French, German, Dutch, etc).